Our handcrafted Leather Flap Pen Cases are ideal for keeping your fountain pens and pencil in one safe place. Save yourself the hassle of digging around in your bag for a pen or having a pen leak through your jacket pocket. Each case is handmade from high quality full-grain leather and naturally, only gets better with age.

Colors Available: Brown

Price: RM85 (inclusive of name embossing)


Ideal for those who treasure functionality and practicality, but don't want to sacrifice style to have it. This elegant pencil case made from high quality full-grain cow leather is the perfect partner for work, uni or school. The perfect way to organize your personal belongings, pens, erasers and more. A zip closes the pencil case, making sure your pens don't get lost inside your bag.

This style is designed to stand on its own, so it can sit perfectly on your desk while you work. This pencil case is an easy addition to your work bag and comfortably fits about (?) standard-sized pencils.


Save yourself the hassle of a leaky or lost fountain pen. Made from high-quality full-grain leather that only gets better with age. 

They make great gifts for students, professionals and artists wanting to keep their drawing tools altogether in one stylish handmade leather tool pouch. Of course, you don't need to limit yourself to pencils with this conveniently sized case. It is perfect for holding your daily essentials, as a super minimal travel kit, or for anything else you want to keep secure.

Colors Available: Brown

Price: RM105 (inclusive of name embossing)