Align.Co is really an idea built from nothing. One hide turned to two, two to four, and four to many more. It started off because the founder was looking for a leather journal that would be suitable for her daily usage and purpose. Not too long after she found herself delving in the world of leather crafting – and the rest is history. She loves the creative process. Besides, when she started working more with leather, it felt like an escape from daily stress - definitely a good way of taking her mind off other commitments as it acts as a distraction/ de-stressing tool. With a few simple tools, the story began: one built on hard work, late nights, great friends and sometimes too many cups of coffee.
Why leather? Because of its good looks, reliability, solid construction, durability and aesthetic appeal.
The product selection currently ranges from personalized leather journals, keychains, cardholders, valet trays, coasters, passport holders, luggage tags, table mats etc. With no additional charge, each leather good can be personalised with names/ initials which are carefully hand stamped with metallic gold, adding a touch of luxe.



I believe in the immense power of words - capable of building up, tearing down, and stirring up emotions. Words move people, spark passion, and give vision.

Journaling helps in the daily process of renewal of mind, it gives better perspectives and often a clearer picture. Beyond just the pages, it is a safe space where wholehearted and complete honesty can be expressed, where there does not have to be censoring or criticizing, where truthfulness triumphs the different facets we put up. 

It goes beyond the surface of just documenting events, it causes us to dive deeper into reflection. It forces us to slow down, process our thoughts, acknowledge our emotions, confront our fears and realign - certainly something that is rewarding in the long haul.