"To Loving Better" 

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Have you ever watched a romantic movie and thought if it’s real? I bet most of you would think no. But what if I told you, that it is? What if, I told you that there’s psychological science that can help you achieve that bliss in Love?

This journal is meant to be a small step into discovering Love. Like in all wisdom, it starts with our self.

You’d find that this journal is filled with questions. You’d be challenge to reflect on you. You’d discover what made the concept of love you have today, how it had influenced you in your past and present relationships, and some tips on how you can move forward in finding that Love we all seek.

This journal is at no point comprehensive to cover everything about relationship. It is a journal that’ll start you in that journey of exploring relationship in ways you may not know how. It’s also written from my experience with clients as a psychotherapist, and elements of scientific research on what makes a good relationship.

With that, I welcome you to the journal. I hope that it would provide you with new insights of your self and your relationship with Love. May the new insights give you the tool to move one step closer to loving and being loved better.

/ Han, 2019

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